AntiAliasing for Source Based games

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Fri Sep 28 00:20:19 CDT 2007

Hi everyone,

I'm exceptionally new to posting messages on mailing lists (ie its my first time) so please forgive me in advance if I've done something wrong!

My question for the wine developers is, why is Anti Aliasing not supported for Source based games? 

I play Day of Defeat Source everyday, and many wine gamers play steam based source engine games such as DoDs and Counterstrike Source, and its nearly at windows xp level fps wise, but the main nuisance for us is that there is no AA!

AA greatly improves the look of games, and it seems that there is an emphasis on making the games look nice by adding functionality such as shaders and glsl, so in this respect, a basic feature of games such as AA should be considered to be made.

Also Team Fortress Two is coming out fairly shortly and AA would be a nice feature to implement for when it comes out :)

I would consider learning C etc myself to try and get this functionality (I learned Java as part of my degree) up and running, but sadly I probably don't have the skills to contribute.

Anyways, keep up the excellent work wine developers, you guys do a tremendous job, but please consider adding this one feature, as it would mean a lot to myself and many many others who play steam based source games etc using wine on Linux!

Take care!
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