AntiAliasing for Source Based games

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> Hi everyone,
> I'm exceptionally new to posting messages on mailing lists (ie its my first
> time) so please forgive me in advance if I've done something wrong!
I found nothing to complain :-)

> My question for the wine developers is, why is Anti Aliasing not supported
> for Source based games?
As Roderick mentioned AA is a property of the Pixel Format. Due to deeply 
rooted reasons Wine at startup. It has to choose one before the application 
can say what it wants, and later on it cannot be changed. Wine first tries a 
format with all features(except AA) enabled, and then uses less complex 
formats until it finds one that is supported. To support setting AA from 
games we'd have to be able to change the format. This is major work in wine's 
x11 driver, this problem exists since many years.

However, there is an easy way to get FSAA support: The driver can override the 
AA setting requested by the game. If you have an nvidia card, you can 
configure that in nvidia-settings, on  Antialiasing settings page. This way 
you get FSAA, but you cannot enable / disable it from the game.
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