winex11.drv: possible fix for thick border around utility window in DatePicker

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sun Sep 30 04:55:51 CDT 2007

<a_villacis at> wrote:

> It seems that, when presented with a combination of WS_POPUP and WS_BORDER
> without any extended style, the window is supposed to be shown with a thin
> border (a 1px border in Windows). I still have not found a window style that
> makes a X window show a thin border, and the nearest thing in looks is no
> border at all. Please comment on this patch, as I don't think it is exactly
> sane.
> Changelog:
> * Deactivate WS_BORDER when present with WS_POPUP

> -        else if (style & WS_BORDER) mwm_hints.decorations |= MWM_DECOR_BORDER;
> +        else if ((style & WS_BORDER) && !(style & WS_POPUP)) mwm_hints.decorations |= MWM_DECOR_BORDER;

This looks like a bug in Metacity, I don't see why it adds "(disabled) decorations"
when only asked for MWM_DECOR_BORDER. On the other hand we already check for
WS_CHILD|WS_POPUP and don't add MWM_DECOR_BORDER if any of that styles present,
so perhaps your change is in that direction, and should be made to also check

Probably it's also worth to file a bug to metacity bugzilla.


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