New winetricks: 'volnum' command to work around bug 5351, new gecko

Hans Leidekker hans at
Sun Sep 30 11:10:26 CDT 2007

On Sunday 30 September 2007 17:00:38 Dan Kegel wrote:

> > All installers I have seen that require the special volume name also
> > have a workaround in the form of a command line switch /x which allows
> > you to specify a destination folder for extraction. Look at the msxml4
> > verb for an example.
> Good point, and I've updated the comments in the volnum verb.
> Renaming drive_c is more convenient than using /x sometimes, so
> the volnum verb should probably stay.

Renaming drive_c is more intrusive, I wouldn't do it while Wine is
running. And running wineserver -k beforehand precludes some useful
testing scenarios.


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