SOC Direct3D - Implement missing D3D9_xx DLLs?

Jeroen Janssen jeroen.janssen at
Tue Apr 1 07:33:33 CDT 2008


I was looking at the Wine SOC wiki ( ) and
noticed an entry on "Direct3D - Implement missing D3D9_xx DLLs".

As far as I can see there are already lots of D3D9_xx dlls in the tree that seem
to forward stuf correctly.

Can someone confirm this to be already finished (and then remove this item from
the wiki?) If it isn't finished yet, what IS missing then?

D3D10_xx DLLs seem to be currently missing (I know we don't have any d3d 10
implementation yet in wine) and it probably isn't a SOC project, but would
completely stubbed D3D10_xx DLLs (patches) be accepted if I submit them to the
patch mailinglist or not?

Best regards,

Jeroen Janssen

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