msxml3 bug 10802

Alistair Leslie-Hughes leslie_alistair at
Tue Apr 1 16:48:59 CDT 2008

"viny" < at> wrote in message 
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> Hi,
> When creating an xml file, wine shouldn't create header automatically.
> Is that difficult to fix this bug
> ( ? I've looked at domdoc.c
>     but I'm not an expert...
Hi Viny,
   The main issue here is that PI nodes are not suppost to be called xml.
In MSXML3 this is a special case and isnt assigned as a PI node as
such, instead the string is parsed for encoding, version, etc. This 
is then used when saving.

So what need to be done
1. When we assign a PI node with a name xml, parse for encoding, etc and
store then in the domdoc structure for later
2. In the domdoc_save, change xmlDocDumpMempory to use xmlDocDumpMemoryEnc
with the parsed encoding above.

Best Regards
 Alistair Leslie-Hughes

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