Bitrotting Translations

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Tue Apr 1 18:23:55 CDT 2008

Hello guys,

there are a couple resource file translations that are so way out of
sync that they are commented out of the main rc file of the relevant

- Da.rc - Danish
- Fi.rc - Finnish
- Sk.rc - Slovak
- Sw.rc - Swedish (correct filename: Sv.rc)
- Va.rc - Rumansh (Vallader) (correct filename: Rm.rc)
- Wa.rc - Wallon
This are so bitrotted that they don't even stink anymore but are nice
fertile compost. Means they aren't even .rc files but .c/.h files.
I have sent a patch to remove them. If somebody still wants to look at
them they can with git show e.g.:
  git show wine-0.9.58:programs/progman/Va.rc

- Pt.rc - Portuguese (Brazil/Portugal)
- It.rc - Italian
- Si.rc - Slovenian
This are only a little bit more broken but should be able to be fixed.
If a native speaker could take care of them that would be really nice.
Else I'll try to fix them myself or remove them if I fail after
1.0.0-rc1 comes out.

- Si.rc - Slovenian
Looks like only a few characters (the non-7bit clean ones) are broken.
Should be fairly easy to fix for a native speaker. Else I'll try to fix
it myself after 1.0.0-rc1 comes out.

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