Some considerations about the Wine FUSE project for GSoC

Marc Andre Tanner mat at
Wed Apr 2 10:18:27 CDT 2008

Kai Blin wrote:
> On Monday 31 March 2008 16:08:00 Kai Blin wrote:
>> On Monday 31 March 2008 15:30:17 Marc Andre Tanner wrote:
>>> I prototyped something and thought this way I would at least get some
>>> feedback (after all "Talk is cheap. Show me the code." is common
>>> practice in the open source world). But this wasn't really the
>>> case, so i am still wondering what should be done differently?
>> Whoops, I didn't see that url. Sorry, but things were a bit busy recently.
>> I'll give that a whirl later today.

Thanks for testing btw.

> I'm seeing some funny behaviour in a directory containing the files foo.txt, 
> Foo.txt and bAr.tXt
> After mounting, I can only see a "foo.txt" in the directory,

That's intended, filenames which aren't all lower case are ignored.
This makes sure that there won't be conflicts. Ideally you should
start with an empty directory mount the fs and then untar your
actual content in mountpoint.

> containing the  Foo.txt contents.

This would be a bug, are you really sure you are getting the contents
of Foo.txt and not foo.txt? I ask because i can't reproduce it here.
If so could you please compile in debug support "make debug" and then
run ciopfs with option -d. This should print some debug information to


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