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André Renato Furtado, talk2cod at  add documentation for exported functions of the win32 batmeter library...
BOOL BatMeterCapabilities(    PUINT   *ppuiBatCount)
*\ description:    is used to determine if the batmeter lib can run on the host machine. return true on success 
(battery meter can run).    params:    out -> ppuiBatCount - points to a pointer which will be filled in with a pointer to the global battery count.*\
HWND CreateBatMeter(    HWND            hWndParent,    HWND            hWndFrame,    BOOL            bShowMulti,    PBATTERY_STATE  pbsComposite)
*\  description:    create, fetch data for and draw the batmeter window. returns a handle to the newly created battery meter window on success, null on failure.    param:    hWndParent      - parent of the battery meter dialog.    hWndFrame        - frame to locate the battery meter dialog.    bShowMulti      -  display mode (true -> multiple battery).    opt -> pbsComposite    - pointer to composite battery state.*\
HWND DestroyBatMeter(HWND hWnd)
*\ description:   destroy the batmeter window created with CreateBatMeter function. returns the handle of the 
batmeter parent window.   params:   hWnd   - handle to the window to be destroyed. *\
BOOL PowerCapabilities()
*\  description:    is used to determine if the system has any power    management capabilities which require ui support. return true if power management ui should be displayed. *\
BOOL UpdateBatMeter(    HWND            hWnd,    BOOL            bShowMulti,    BOOL            bForceUpdate,    PBATTERY_STATE  pbsComposite)
*\  description:    this function should be called when the battery meter parent window    receives a WM_POWERBROADCAST, PBT_APMPOWERSTATUSCHANGE message, it will    update the data in the global battery state list. if needed the display    will also be updated.  PARAMETERS:    hWndBatMeter,          hwnd of the battery meter dialog    bShowMulti,            display mode    bForceUpdate,          forces a ui update    opt -> pbsComposite,    pointer to composite battery state.  *\
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