Improving msxml3.dll as GSoC project

Piotr Caban piotr.caban at
Thu Apr 3 08:26:29 CDT 2008

I thought about improving msxml3.dll as GSoC project. There are some 
interfaces not implemented at all, some are not fully implemented. I found 
that there's quite a lot of bugs related to this dll in bugzilla.

I have already sent an application. I thought about implementing SAXReader 
first (there are some applications that fails to install because of it, bugs 
9682 and 6303). Afterwards I thought about implementing functions that are 
used by Photoshop installer (bug 8945, part related to msxml3.dll). I'm not 
really sure how long it will take but if there's enough time I'm going to fix 
more bugs (there are 33 bugs in bugzilla related with the dll). Afterwards  I 
can implement more interfaces that are missing.

More details can be found in the GSoC application.

What do you think about the project idea? Do you have any suggestions?

Piotr Caban

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