hypertrm exported functions

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add documentation for exported functions of the win32 hypertrm library...
BOOL InitInstance(const HINSTANCE hInstance, const LPTSTR lpCmdLine, const int nCmdShow)/* creates the hypertrm session window.   args:   hInstance - apps instance handle.   lpCmdLine - command line.   nCmdShow - passed from winmain overhead function arglist. */
int MessageLoop(void)
/* window message loop. return a wparam int value, that contains the additional information of the 
processed message. */
SF_HANDLE sessQuerySysFileHdl(const HSESSION hSession)
/* returns the sysfile handle based on hypertrm session.   args:   hSession -> hypertrm session. */
HTRANSLATE sessQueryTranslateHdl(const HSESSION hSession)
/* returns the translate handle associated with specific hypertrm session. translate handle is used 
for manager character translation.   args:   hSession -> hypertrm session. */
int sfGetSessionItem(const SF_HANDLE hSF,     const UINT uID,     unsigned long *pIDSize,     void *pvData)
/* is used to get data and item size from the session file handle.   args:   hSF -> session file handle.   uID -> item id.   [out] pIDSize -> size returned.   [out] pvData -> a pointer to an buffer that receives the data. */
int sfPutSessionItem(const SF_HANDLE hSF,     const unsigned int uID,     const unsigned long uIDSize,     const void *pvData)
/* is used to add or modify an entry in the session file data associated with the current session file 
handle.   args:   hSF -> session file handle.   uID -> item id.   pIDSize -> size.   pvData -> a pointer to an buffer of data. */
talk2cod at hotmail.com
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