Lug Radio Live 2008 wine talk. Slides online, comments welcome.

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Fri Apr 4 02:46:01 CDT 2008

Woah, that's ubercool.
The presentation is excellent! However, you could add five collosal IMHO 
advantages of wine:


That's what largely made me dump 'doze and go for Linux - got 6 W98 licenses, 
and at some point, upgraded the hardware to discover that 98 doesn't support 
the new Mainboards. 
So I spent two days trying to get all the MBs replaced, managed to get '98 
running... And trust me, last thing you wanna do when you're in an empty new 
office is to extend a phone wire with a UTP wire to use the only connected 
atm phone socket to get dial-up working and with the collosal 5KBITS(!) per 
second to google out the only remaining in the PC store's warehouse mainboard 
to see if that supports '98, so you can call 'em and tell 'em "I'll 
take 'em". 
Oh, and you have to bring in your OWN PERSONAL machine to do that. The rest 
are basically a pile of mainboards which can't run '98 so they can't use the 
modem and so forth.

And then enter my favorite software provider, sees the new machines, claps his 
hands and says: 
"Cool, new machines! Now you get the new windows version of the soft, and, it 
requires XP! And since you are the only ones to use the DOS version, it's 
discontinued from now on.
Oh, and BTW? Your friendly local Samba server? 
Guess what, we're going MSSQL from now on, you need 1G of RAM on an XP 
machine... for 40 megs of databases."
So with a thousand pains me gets the damn thing working on 98 and sacrifices 
TWO NEW MACHINES for the SQL server(s)  and purchases TWO UNNECESSARY XP 
LICENSES - cuz two sets of databases, and, well, the express version doesn't 
support that.
And things get better: "Yeah, you got it running under '98. Guess what, we'll 
be using cutting-edge stuff from now on; Now it's MSShitQL 2005, when 
something new comes out, you'll be upgrading; And once my soft becomes 
fully '98 incompatible, THEN you scrap the 98 licenses and by new, XP ones."
"- But no money for licenses?" (1 XP = 1 new machine without monitor 
basically. Oh, and it has to be Professional)
"- Bah, go pirate. Everybody's doing it." 
(What does he mean by  on "cutting-edge stuff" BTW?! VISTA?! For an accounting 

And every once in a while when there's a bug in his soft, he attributes it to 
98. Program closes but press ctrl-alt-del and you get a bunch of instances 
remaining? 98's fault. Slow? 98's fault. Crash due to an empty piece of 
database? "'98s fault". And of course, after 98s fault follows the 
natural "install XP".

Enter wine. Select windows version = XP. Work.

2.) No Premium Basic Home Server Client whatever. 

Enter wine. Work.

3.) Easy reinstall.
Delete "drive_c" and the reg files. "wineprefixcreate". Work.

4.) A 1000 windows on one machine.
~3 Megs per "drive_c". Work.

5.) Forget that "viruses under wine" stuff from days past, no, really. 
 - No startup! Hide all you like in the registry you piece of cr... spyware, I 
won't even know you got there, nor will you ever get started!
- No IE5678910! Yeah! Come and get me.
- What, no normally inaccessible (even to NOD32 at some point) "System Volume 
Information"? Where are you gonna hide (or rather, stay exposed frustrating 
- And where's the MBR of "drive_c"? in ".wine"?

All that combined is what makes me want to develop for wine.

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