Crossbuild patch, appropriate for wine?

Robert Shearman rob at
Fri Apr 4 07:52:50 CDT 2008

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Robert Shearman <rob at> writes:
>> Actually, I think the best place to fix this is in 
>> include/wine/exception.h. I also think it would be better to use 
>> "defined(__MINGW32__) && !defined(USE_COMPILER_EXCEPTIONS)." This is 
>> because that is the platform that can't use the exception macros 
>> implemented on top of sigsetjmp
> I don't think we want to disable exceptions, that will just lead to
> broken builds. It should be possible to make the sigsetjmp variant work
> for MinGW.

You can make it compile by using sigjmp instead of sigsetjmp, but 
there's not much point because the code depends on Wine-only functions 
in ntdll that aren't available on Windows and so would cause the DLLs 
not to load.

Rob Shearman

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