XDC 2008 wishlist

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Fri Apr 4 10:16:58 CDT 2008


My travel to XDC 2008 is finalized now, I am collecting the topics I should 
bring up there. I already have these:

*) Mouse input handling. I've CC'ed Vitaliy. All I know so far is that Vitaliy 
said opening the core pointer as XInput device would be good. Vitaliy, do you 
have any proof of concept code / test apps? Do you have time to discuss the 
details? I think this is the most important topic, and I don't know anything 
about it, so I should be well-prepared.

*) Tablet support. Dan mentioned something about it, but I have no details.

*) Graphics support: I'll talk to the X11 devs about including the wine d3d 
tests in their driver QA. Lobby for widespread support of some rare 
extensions(GL_NV_half_float) and help on adding some others, like for the 
flat shading issue. Others?

*) Discuss the opportunities we have with DRI2

Does anyone have other items?

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