XDC 2008 wishlist

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at kievinfo.com
Fri Apr 4 13:16:12 CDT 2008

Roderick Colenbrander wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My travel to XDC 2008 is finalized now, I am collecting the topics I
>> should 
>> bring up there. I already have these:
>> *) Mouse input handling. I've CC'ed Vitaliy. All I know so far is that
>> Vitaliy 
>> said opening the core pointer as XInput device would be good. Vitaliy, do
>> you 
>> have any proof of concept code / test apps? Do you have time to discuss
>> the 
>> details? I think this is the most important topic, and I don't know
>> anything 
>> about it, so I should be well-prepared.

I don't have any code for this unfortunately.

What Wine needs is the physical mouse movement events, that work even when 
pointer itself "stuck" on the window/screen border. This should also work 
for the entire desktop not just one window. Absolute/relative events - 
doesn't matter, it's easy to convert from one to another.

In short - in the current xorg code there are checks to explicitly prohibit 
opening of the primary pointer and keyboard device as XInput device.

There is some capturing extension don't remember the name of it. It requires 
two server connections and works for the specified window only. This won't 
work for us.


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