appdb needs to list 0.9.47 in the pulldown, please

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Mon Apr 7 04:30:56 CDT 2008

On Sun, 6 Apr 2008, Chris Morgan wrote:
> I'm all for adapting our behavior to better fit with the behavior of
> our users. I've spent hundreds of hours working on improving the
> appdb.
> If there was a good reason stated to accept results for obsoleted
> versions then I'd agree with you. In the future I can see a need to
> pin certain versions to the available versions list, certainly 1.0
> seems like a pretty obvious version to pin to the list for a period of
> time.

If the cutoff is '0.9.48' (for instance), then maybe we could add a 
'pre-0.9.48' version. That way users looking for '0.9.47' would know 
what to use. This would also let bugzilla maintainers easily spot bugs 
against obsolete versions.

Then when the cutoff evolves to 0.9.53 or whatever we would rename the 
'pre-0.9.48' version to 'pre-0.9.53', etc. If renaming versions is not 
allowed in Bugzilla, then we'd need a more stable name for the catch all 
version, maybe something like 'older versions' or ome such.

The one remaining problem may be to get the version order-right but that 
can probably be solved by getting creative with the version name, e.g. 

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