wined3d: Check for NULL vertex declarations

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Mon Apr 7 04:43:50 CDT 2008

Am Montag, 7. April 2008 11:34:33 schrieb H. Verbeet:
> On 07/04/2008, Chris Robinson <chris.kcat at> wrote:
> > +    if(!This->stateBlock->vertexDecl) {
> > +        WARN("(%p) : Called without a valid vertex buffer set\n", This);
> That WARN is misleading.
This problem also affects the other draw calls, DrawIndexedPrimitiveUP, 
DrawPrimitive and drawPrimitiveUP. In a certain way it even affects 
DrawRectPatch and DrawTriPatch(when tesselating a new patch)

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