appdb needs to list 0.9.47 in the pulldown, please

Scott Ritchie scott at
Tue Apr 8 01:40:29 CDT 2008

Chris Morgan wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 6, 2008 at 5:05 PM, Dan Kegel <dank at> wrote:
>> On Sun, Apr 6, 2008 at 1:49 PM, Chris Morgan <chmorgan at> wrote:
>>  >  >  It seems reasonable to me to include the version bundled with gutsy,
>>  >  >  even if it's getting old, because gutsy is so popular.
>>  >
>>  >  If we wait another 18 days can we ask users of gutsy to upgrade to hardy? ;-)
>>  Of course.
>>  >   If we ask users to put the wine ubuntu repository in their
>>  >  sources.list file won't that let them continue to keep up with newer
>>  >  releases without much difficulty?
>>  All of your suggestions are along the lines "change the user's behavior"
>>  rather than "adapt winehq to the user's behavior".  While all your
>>  suggestions are fine, they don't change the fact that users are
>>  misbehaving because the appdb doesn't allow reports with Gutsy's
>>  version of wine.
> I'm all for adapting our behavior to better fit with the behavior of
> our users. I've spent hundreds of hours working on improving the
> appdb.
> If there was a good reason stated to accept results for obsoleted
> versions then I'd agree with you. In the future I can see a need to
> pin certain versions to the available versions list, certainly 1.0
> seems like a pretty obvious version to pin to the list for a period of
> time.
> There are several issues with keeping older test results. We run the
> risk of confusing users by showing ratings for Wine releases so old
> that the current behavior doesn't match. We can hide these older
> versions but why accept them for submission then? If we show them then
> we need to consider how to present the ratings so users of newer
> versions don't get confused with older versions that come with some
> distributions.

My policy for Ubuntu is this: there should be no regressions from the
Wine included in one Ubuntu release to the next.  That means, for Hardy,
no regressions from 0.9.47 to whatever I put in Hardy (which will
probably be 0.9.59 after a patch or two).

It's a lot easier for me to do this if we don't prohibit test data for
that version.

> I'm a fan of ubuntu, run it on all of my machines etc but that doesn't
> automatically mean that test results for older versions are useful. We
> are rapidly approaching a 1.0 release and each incremental release has
> a wide range of improvements. A user of Gutsy may find it useful to
> see test results for 0.9.47 but its likely even more useful for us to
> help them upgrade to a version we support, currently the latest
> incremental release.

If their applications are working, then users shouldn't be using the apt
repository and latest Wine version because it might introduce a
regression.  We are, in a very real sense, making AppDB less useful for
them by not including the results.

> I'm not opposed to a patch that re-adds 0.9.47 version to the list but
> I'd like to see a patch that adds a table to keep pinned versions and
> php code to manage this list.

It's not that big a deal now, so long as the Hardy version (0.9.59
likely) stays around for a while ;)

Scott Ritchie

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