winecfg turned into control-panel-applets. see patch.

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Tue Apr 8 12:51:43 CDT 2008

Well, this is my first patch. Here goes.

It *enhances* winecfg's source and creates a winecfgcpl.cpl, which, when 
placed into ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32 shows the different "tabs" as 
different applets (six of them), visible via "wine control".

1.) Enhancements to winecfg - now the winecfg accepts new kind of console 
parameters which determine what tab(s) to show you. 

For all of you console junkies out there /like me!/ - this means that 
typing "winecfg audio" shows only the audio tab, "winecfg desktop" - the 
desktop integration tab and so forth for all six tabs. What "winecfg 
applications" does I leave to you ;)

2.) Based on the enhancements in winecfg, the .CPL itself. Each *applet* that 
appears in the control panel, calls winecfg with the appropriate parameter to 
get the job done.

CPL features:
-> six icons (drawn by me :D )
-> six control panel applets -> no longer an empty control panel
-> translation capability for the Title/Description. Control Panel does not 
support Unicode atm, so the Bulgarian translation is the same as the English 
one; but the capability is there.

This is what I have produced so far on the winecfg->wine control migration 
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