GL_ATI_fragment_shader and GL_INVALID 0x501, 0x502

Milan Kostić smoki00790 at
Tue Apr 8 19:11:36 CDT 2008

 I'm use Mesa 7.0.1 mainly because performance is the best and not
have glitches in some cases like newer, but tried wine-0.9.59 with
7.02 and 7.0.3 also. My card is HIS 9250 128MB/128bit (1002:5960
17af:2020). This r200 performance issues started with this patch:;a=commit;h=e279a0a076b7a3c8d60138c19870784c260c9d67

 I'm atached some screenshots with or w/o ps enabled using Mesa 7.0.3
for this to show, clean .wine directory (just winecfg and then install
3DMark) default driver setup and default 3DMark2001 setup (just used
800x600 for windowed screenshoots, checked 'emulate a virtual desktop'
in winecfg).
 All these primers work good in previous versions of wine (except with
properly moving water (river and sea) and portals showing in DS2 (that
work good when i add once again 'mat[12] = mat[8]; mat[13] = mat[9];'
in utils.c) i know that is another thing, but helps), but not working
good with wine-0.9.59 with ps enabled. Exeption from this is
Painkiller which starting only with disabled ps, registy key
DisabledExtensions GL_ATI_fragment_shaders also not help and that
disabled one textured unit in driver is needed from time to time (not
always), also this
happens in all 7.0.x Mesas.

 NOTE: i mainly use extern (for this tests w or w/o -
same results), because some native games Regnum Online, Quake4...
needs it to working properly, also Indiana Jones: Emperors Tomb with
wine even refuses to start without it.

 I'm registered to bugzilla, but everytime it says that my password is
not good (maybe my firewall issues?), because of that i use mailists
to inform devs about bugs (i have many to fill like SeriousSam FE/SE
resolution regression, same game engine: SE starts(but crash on exit),
FE not even start, SE crash when resolution changes and in both games
this work good with 0.9.45 and older like .39, .29... Icculus
installers for these games work good, but have other issues. All this
is tested on: same card, same X server, same distro, same driver, same
Mesa, etc:).

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