d3dx8: D3DXGetFVFVertexSize 2/4

Luis Busquets luis.busquets at ilidium.com
Wed Apr 9 05:52:34 CDT 2008

I do not understand what you mean. I have added the test in patch 1/4 
and the implementation in 2/4. I have done so as D3DXGetFVFVertexSize 
was already implemented as a stub and test 1/4 obviously shows that 
until you apply implmentation 2/4. Is this not correct?

How should I proceed? Do I merge both patches (1 and) in just one?

H. Verbeet escribio':
> On 08/04/2008, Luis Busquets <luis.busquets at ilidium.com> wrote:
>> Implementation of D3DXGetFVFVertexSize. With this patch WINE responds
>> correctly to the tests of D3DXGetFVFVertexSize sent in patch 1/4 of today.
> You have to either send the implementation first and the test
> afterwards, or wrap the test in a todo_wine block, and remove it when
> you send the implementation.

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