GL_ATI_fragment_shader and GL_INVALID 0x501, 0x502

Milan Kostić smoki00790 at
Wed Apr 9 07:33:26 CDT 2008

 Yes that's sounds good! And to say that i'm checkedout more about
diffs with our cards and found something in wikipedia article. 9000
and 9250 both has 4/1 units, cards are with the same units setup, only
rv280 has 8x AGP bus. And 9000 pro version is same, but with higher
core and memory clocks and better bandwidth.

 And then that's not a problem:(. I don't know what to say to the Mesa
developers: I'm have hard freeze with current wine, with just one game
when units are on default? Huh, I don't think thats will remove all
this bugs.

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