[PATCH] winecfg => control panel applets patch

pure_evil at mail.bg pure_evil at mail.bg
Thu Apr 10 13:12:05 CDT 2008

> I would like to have the applets should be part of wine's control program.
Hmmm, I followed usual windows proceedings, e.g. the applet is not actually a 
part of the control panel program itself, it's a .CPL.

> They would be better be as files in the /programs/control/
Well, cpls are basically DLLs that export a function -> CPlApplet -> so (based 
on Dan Kegel's advice) i put them in dlls. 
They're not *programs* strictly speaking.

Hmm, I could use more feedback on that one.
> And you should extend the existing control.exe  and winecfg in wine to
> open these applets.
control.exe opens cpls just fine; I only extended winecfg to make it suitable 
for being launched from within a cpl to perform only the particular task.

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