[PATCH] winecfg => control panel applets patch

pure_evil at mail.bg pure_evil at mail.bg
Thu Apr 10 13:33:48 CDT 2008

> You patch is wrapped. Also please for new files follow standard Wine codding 
> style - 4 spaces indentation, no tabs.
Sorry about that, I'll fix it in the morning. (I should've attached it as a 
text file :( )

> This is ugly and redundant.
yes, but at least it's easily readable - same local variable name within one 
function serves to store the temporal result, and an *input* variable by the 
same name is used in the other function (to catch that same result). 

> However   with all this you removing really big functionality from the 
winecfg - ability to set this on per application basis.

+    if (display_what_tabs == 1) 
+    { Do_App = TRUE;  /*well, application settings do require more tabs.*/
+      Do_Lib = TRUE;
+    }
^^This (a few lines below) took care of that.^^

This piece of code explains why I went for bools in the first place - for 
example, you draw the library tab A.) when you want to draw only them 
(general library settings), B.) when you want application-specific settings 
("winecfg applications") and C.) when you want the entire winecfg. That 
would've been a lot messier with a triple "or" rather than a simple 
IF (Do_Lib) { }.

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