WineD3D: WineD3D: Use the shader backend to enable / disable atifs and nvts

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Fri Apr 11 08:56:12 CDT 2008

Am Freitag, 11. April 2008 10:39:13 schrieb H. Verbeet:
> I think in practice the specular color input is probably more
> important than the two extra textures. It's pretty rare for programs
> to hit the nvrc limit of 4, and if they do they don't usually break as
> bad as when they try to use the missing specular input.
Not really, many games check the MaxSimultaneousTextures cap and use that 
value even if they are using pixel shaders. E.g. HL2 fails in dxlevel 81 with 
that with ARB shaders because it checks that cap if it finds SM 1.x, and Age 
of Empires 3 fails as well. Call of duty 4 is another popular example, it 
requires 8 fixed function textures. (COD4 wants TSSARGTEMP as well, so that 
point is moot)

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