WineD3D: WineD3D: Use the shader backend to enable / disable atifs and nvts

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Fri Apr 11 09:32:54 CDT 2008

Am Freitag, 11. April 2008 16:10:49 schrieb H. Verbeet:
> Sure, but they don't generally break if you just return 8 there.
> (Compared to eg. HL2/CSS in dxlevel70 without D3DTA_SPECULAR). Of
> course the proper way to get around all of the issues at the same time
> would be to write a real GLSL fixed function fragment processing
> implementation, but that doesn't change the fact that the current
> situation is pretty ugly.
I don't think it's the D3DTA_SPECULAR that breaks things. HL2 doesn't use it. 
If it finds pixel shader support advertised it suddenly works without 
D3DTA_SPECULAR support and does not use pixel shaders either, so I think 
there's a different capability flag issue there(or HL2 is just broken on 
cards without pixel shader support nowadays).

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