[PATCH] winecfg => control panel applets patch

pure_evil at mail.bg pure_evil at mail.bg
Fri Apr 11 13:50:01 CDT 2008

Frank Richter wrote:

>On 10.04.2008 09:47, pure_evil at mail.bg wrote:
>>However, since control panel does not utilize Unicode yet, the additionalb 
>>Bulgarian translation matches the English one.
>  Even for non-Unicode apps you should have no problems with adding a 
> Bulgarian translation to a GUI app (when Bulgarian is selected as your 
> preferred language the active codepage will be chosen accordingly). 
> Maybe you used a wrong charset? You should use the Windows charset or 
> use #pragma (see 

>Mikołaj Zalewski
Hmmm, I'll have to check up on that. The translations themselves are for the 
description/title that appears under the applet in the control panel. 
Once launched,(LANG=bg_BG) the winecfg translations take over and no problem 
there, just the unicode thing looks like rubbish under the icon. And, has 
twice as many characters as the text itself, which points to a problem within 
the control, rather than the codepage (?) - most probably, usage of ASCII 
rather than Unicode in control itself.

-ugh if this message also ends up as a new thread I'm gonna shoot KMail and 
try to get a decent program that doesn't f* up mail lists... suggestions?-

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