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Fri Apr 11 17:59:29 CDT 2008

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Dear Wine developers,
I am attempting to package Wine for OLPC.  My goal is to enable packaging
individual windows programs into OLPC "Activity bundles" with wine.  I
have encountered a handful of problems along the way.  One of them is bug
#12507, for which I have sent a patch.  A few others are:

1. Decorations on the Desktop window.
I am running in Desktop mode, because this provides the best integration
with the OLPC operating system.  However, the desktop window has
decorations on it, which I do not want.  I want the desktop to be a
fullscreen window.  It seems that recent patches to x11drv may make this
possible, but I could find no way in 0.9.59.

What should I do to run the Desktop as a full-screen window, or as a
normal window without decorations?

2. Non-ownership of .wine/
The OLPC security system is designed to run each program under a different
unix uid, as a form of lightweight sandboxing.  My system is set up to
create a .wine/ directory the first time the program is run.  The second
time the application is run, it doesn't work because the .wine directory
is owned b a different user, so I get "path/.wine is not owned by you".  I
have tried doing "chmod a+rwx" to .wine/ on the first run, but Wine still
refuses to run, even though it has full access, because it's not the owner.

Would you consider patches to exchange the uid check for a rwx access check?

Thank you,
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