Better sound support

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at
Fri Apr 11 22:48:58 CDT 2008


2008/4/11, Kacper Pluta <kacper.pluta at>:
> Hey, do you plan on enabling handling of 24bit sound and sampling
>  frequencies 96000 or 192000? Lots of musicians using Linux need to use
>  VST and VSTi plugins (through FST and other methods). Unfortunately
>  quality of music you can acquire isn't realy high if you wish to use it
>  professionally. I'd also suggest correcting MIDI handling and
>  integrating wine with wineasio, which would enable using VST and VSTi on
>  a quite high level, as well as use other programmes.

As far as I can tell, 96k and 192k works in wine without problem, 24
bits doesn't entirely work, as I didn't implement volume changing. If
you do that it can be enabled in winecfg. Just tweak the registry to
set sound to 24 bits and fix the volume error that pops up, it
shouldn't be that hard. Bonus if you can do it for 32 bits as well.

More work would be implementing >2 speakers in directsound, that
doesn't work yet and since I don't have such a speaker setup I can't
test it. Direct routing to the jack api might work, but I never tried


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