GL_ATI_fragment_shader and GL_INVALID 0x501, 0x502

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Sat Apr 12 06:41:15 CDT 2008

Am Samstag, 12. April 2008 09:02:02 schrieb Milan Kostić:
>  Textures is good in DS2, on start perform good, but now if i played
> for a while (10-15 minutes), performance is getting been worst and
> worst... I will test more times just to be sure of this, because i
> think that's also case without this hack.
There's at least one "bug" in our fragment shader management code, and most 
likely a 2nd one. The first issue is that the searching for fragment shaders 
is rather simple and expensive. We'll have to replace the linear search at 
least with a sorted array, or possibly a hashmap.

The other problem, I noticed that during the 3DMark debugging, is that for 
some reason fragment shaders with identical settings are duplicated. That 
leads to more shaders to manage, and triggers the above issue.

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