Feature Request: Registry / winecfg entry for launching an application in a wineexplorer window

Scott Ritchie scott at open-vote.org
Mon Apr 14 03:39:08 CDT 2008

I have a few full screen applications that I'd like to run contained in
small windows.  Currently, in order to run them this way, I have to
either open winecfg and set a virtual desktop or launch the application
on the terminal with: wine explorer /desktop=name,1024x768 app.exe

What I'd like is something that does this for me similar to app
defaults.  That way I could run the application by double clicking it
(or from the shortcut in the start menu) and have it contained in the
window I want.

Ideally I'd be able to enable this setting from a right
click->properties menu, however that work isn't necessarily needed
within Wine other than support for modifying this new key using
something like reg.exe on the terminal.

It seems like it'd be fairly simple to implement, too.  Any thoughts?

Scott Ritchie

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