Including Mono within a Wine package - should Wine expect this?

Ove Kaaven ovek at
Tue Apr 15 06:29:22 CDT 2008

Scott Ritchie skrev:
> Agreed.  The one tricky thing here is making a proper "source" package.
>  There is some precedent for source packages that don't actually build
> on the architecture they're for.  The ia32-libs package, for instance,
> contains both binary and source versions of the 32 bit libraries since
> it's solely for 64 bit arches, however to build those binaries requires
> use of a 32 bit system.
> Similarly, we can ship a wine-gecko "source" package which includes
> binary and source, with the readme detailing how to actually build the
> binary from the source (ie, use Windows).  Meanwhile the source package
> "builds" by just copying the binary into the right place (much like how
> ia32-libs builds).

Debian would not accept this into main. Perhaps into contrib, maybe. For 
example, DFSG-free Java programs that must be compiled with a non-free 
Java compiler (because the free compilers aren't good enough) goes into 
contrib, not main (though even here, it should be possible to 
auto-rebuild the package).

Debian's ia32-libs package isn't an example of a whole lot. It grabs 
compiled binaries from the official Debian archive, and nowhere else. It 
isn't built on a 32-bit system. If ia32-libs had contained binaries that 
could not be built 100% automatically using Debian's official archive 
(and only the official archive), it probably wouldn't have gotten into 
Debian. Besides, ia32-libs is not meant to be a long-lived package, 
it'll go away eventually.

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