Help with configure option

Robert Shearman rob at
Wed Apr 16 09:21:19 CDT 2008

Alistair Leslie-Hughes wrote:
>   I need to add an option, HAS_TEXTCONCAT_BUG to the configure script 
> to check for a bug in libxml.  What file(s) do I have to change?
> The file attached is an example to test for this issue. (returns -1 if 
> the error exists)

The trouble is that because msxml3 links to a shared library, the 
library that the configure check is done against isn't necessarily the 
version that is used at runtime. (Think .debs for multiple distros and 
versions of those distros.)

Therefore, you may have to do the check at runtime. Where that check is 
implemented depends on what you need to do when you discover the buggy 
version is in use.

Rob Shearman

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