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> I am new to Linux.I have just installed Linux UBUNTU 7.1 (gutsy) onto my computer with no problems. I want to install wine.I have written the source code onto my hard disc. (using tar ) When I run ./configure (.tools/wineinstall) I get an error -  C compiler cannot create executables. I am including the output from the config.log for wine installation below.  PLEASE ADVISE ME. Stephen Cooper.
> This file contains any messages produced by compilers whilerunning configure, to aid debugging if configure makes a mistake.
> It was created by Wine configure 0.9.54, which wasgenerated by GNU Autoconf 2.61.  Invocation command line was
It's good you are trying to build Wine. However, you need to install the 
appropriate development packages for Ubuntu first. Plain Ubuntu as 
installed from disks does not ship with enough tools to build any 
program in C. Also, most recent wine version as of this writing is 
0.9.59, so you are already a few versions behind.

You might want to try suscribing to the wine-users mailing list first. 
That mailing list is more appropriate for people who are starting with 
Wine and Linux than wine-devel.

perl -e '$x=2.4;print sprintf("%.0f + %.0f = %.0f\n",$x,$x,$x+$x);'

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