wininet: correct the case where Content-Length is set as well as Transer-Encoding = chunked

Hans Leidekker hans at
Thu Apr 17 15:13:49 CDT 2008

On Thursday 17 April 2008 21:28:57 Aric Stewart wrote:

> This patch is for the receiving direction, unless I misread the code.

Well, we're in a loop here, possibly sending and receiving multiple times
because of redirects.

> The issue is that after a sent request the response is coming back with
> both Transfer-Encoding=chunked and a Content-Length.

Which webserver is that?

RFC2616, section 4.4 states that "Messages MUST NOT include both a
 Content-Length header field and a non-identity transfer-coding. If the
 message does include a non-identity transfer-coding, the Content-Length
 MUST be ignored." 

So it looks like your patch does the right thing when we receive a
non-compliant response. I think we have a problem in the sending direction
too but we can address that later.


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