Towards pure wine: a step by step approach

Scott Ritchie scott at
Thu Apr 17 19:03:47 CDT 2008

Dan Kegel wrote:
> Errors reported by valgrind, coverity, and our conformance test suite
> are all worth fixing... but fixing them *all* is like shovelling out
> the dung from an infinitely large barn.  Various people have tried
> fixing one kind of error or the other, but maybe a combined attack,
> where we went module by module and fixed *all* of the valgrind,
> coverity, and conformance test errors might be more fruitful
> (or at least more satisfying).   Such an attempt should probably
> start at the bottom, cleaning up modules in the order
>   wineserver, ntdll, kernel32, gdi32, user32, ...

Is this also the order of the most mature modules?  It seems to make
sense doing this kind of cleanup on the more stable parts first, since
the fixes are more likely to be permanent.

Scott Ritchie

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