Wine 1.0 status: T minus 54 days, 63 bugs to go. Code freeze in 12 days.

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Apr 20 05:13:22 CDT 2008

for a current (and clickable) status report.  Here's what it says now:

Wine Release Countdown
Wine 1.0 countdown: 54 days to release, 12 days to freeze!

See WineReleasePlan for details.

wine-0.9.60 was released on Friday, April 20th, 2008.

According to wine-0.9.61, due
out Friday, May 2, 2008, will be the first release candidate for 1.0,
and mark the start of the code freeze.

During the code freeze, patches that
    * are simple
    * come with a conformance test
    * fix a regression
    * are low risk
are more likely to get in than other patches. (Heck, that's always
true, but it's even truer during a freeze.) We will actively
discourage patches that might endanger the 1.0 release date (June

Bug Status

There are 63 open 1.0 bugs as of 20 April. Most of these will simply
be rolled over to be fixed for a later release; we only have time to
fix a few, and much as we'd like to fix the rest, most are not

Changes since last week (with category and votes):

New (!):
12666  -unknown        0       Wine should refuse to run if pointed at
a real Windows

7477   -unknown        1       Uplink demo crashes
9809   shell32         4       Autodesk Revit Architecture 2008 install fails
12561   -unknown       0       Photoshop CS alt key for clone/healing
- possible regression

2539   ole             3       XDND (Drag and drop for X Windows)
doesn't copy text
6607   ole             10      Drag and Drop not working

5541   kernel32        0       WriteConsole can't write to stdout;
affects e.g. wsh's cscript's usage message
9484   kernel32        19      Program refuses to run because of
ProtectCD/ProtectDISC copy-protection

Here's the full list of current bugs:

5055    -unknown        5       Deleting files from a window in wine
doesn't send them to the Trash
5061    -unknown        6       Copying from Windows Firefox in Wine
and pasting to Linux OpenOffice pastes metadata as data
5402    -unknown        0       Trying to run PhotoStitch 3.1
5844    -unknown        12      tray minimize
5948    -unknown        1       Star Trek: Armada does not install
7404    -unknown        3       ShowWindow(SW_MINIMIZE) should not
generate a WM_PAINT message
8125    -unknown        0       Marratech 6.1 crashes on start
9178    -unknown        8       "hello world" dos program hangs
9916    -unknown        6       "make test" usually fails
9959    -unknown        9       Make wine updates work even if the
registry changed
10815   -unknown        5       Cannot drag images into Adobe
Photoshop 7 from the web / desktop
11281   -unknown        4       CJK input many issues
12097   -unknown        3       Wine 1.0 should not ship out-of-sync
resource translations
12246   -unknown        2       "make test" gives different results
with and without warn+heap
12666   -unknown        0       Wine should refuse to run if pointed
at a real Windows
11420   advapi32        0       service control manager API problem:
name of named objects might differ (client vs. service process)
556     build-en        1       Reconcile the Windows and Wine spec files
1114    comctl32        3       Winrar2.90/3.00: Comboex doesn't
trigger a event when you mouse-click in some value of it
2493    comctl32        2       Multi-select listview: Shift-arrow up
only selects top two items
4372    comctl32        1       listview: cannot drag several items
11509   crypt32         0       Wordviewer 2003 is unable to open
documents encrypted with AES
5535    directx-        17      Planescape:Torment doesn't work
9030    directx-        0       army men hangs on black screen
11681   directx-        17      Add support for video overlay
3270    gdi32           15      Problem with minimized top-level windows
6519    gdi32           7       Wine blacks out rotated font bitmap
7571    gdi32           1       Accented character glyphs are mixed up
with TrueType fonts (affects e.g. Lotus Notes R5)
9771    gdi32           45      Steam Friends doesn't work (fails to
render correctly or refresh)
5024    kernel32        4       Thief: Deadly Shadows crashes:page
fault on read access to 0x0000040c
5351    kernel32        11      Windows Installer 3.1 cannot install
because of non-standard drive labeling
9039    kernel32        0       GS-Auftrag Professional SQL aborts on startup
7098    mscoree         1       RufzXP crashes on startup, needs
10147   msi             1       Word Viewer 2003 - Tab behavior
differs from Windows
8783    ntdll           13      USB serial ports do not work
9356    ntdll           8       Serial communication not working since
8095    ole             0       PQ Teaching toy crashes
9942    ole             2       Powerpoint Viewer 2007 crashes opening
.pptx files
5926    programs        1       Wine does not provide an
implementation of winhlp32.exe
5163    setupapi        13      Office XP 2002 crashes on installation
3546    shdocvw         2       CLSID_InternetShortcut not available...
6095    shdocvw         15      MOTD in counter-strike 1.6 and
counter-strike source does not render
8898    shdocvw         1       Run Time Error "445": Object doesn't
support this action in Europa Knowledgebase
9304    shdocvw         4       Temple of Elemental Evil demo doesn't
start - gui irresponsive
8439    shell32         8       Visual Studio .NET (7) install fails
10905   shell32         0       thinstall firefox demo requires native msvcrt
11742   shlwapi         9       Small .net 1.1 app (FastMD5 1.3) fails
to start up
12074   testcase        2       The conformance tests fail on Windows
6604    tools           3       Ship icons for the wine-tools that can
be used in .desktop files
664     user32          7       The help menu functionality inside
programs is broken (messaging problem)
3023    user32          6       Orcad - "Place Part" never tries to
put down a part
4523    user32          5       Can't copy from Firefox 1.5 and paste
into OpenOffice 2 under Wine
124     wineserv        2       Review of Wine Server Protocol
1990    winex11.        1       modifier keys not released when
switching desktop
2368    winex11.        7       Wine loses its X-Window when switching
to another virt. desktop in Fvwm
3297    winex11.        13      UpdateWindow() doesn't call XFlush()
5623    winex11.        4       GetAsyncKeyState wrong if querying
process doesn't have focus
5828    winex11.        25      Command and Conquer Generals (Zero
Hour) doesn't change the mouse cursor from the default X mouse
7372    winex11.        12      can't copy and paste between gnome
apps eg openoffice or gimp and wine apps such as dreamweaver or adobe
10984   winex11.        6       sun jre 5 update 10 installer hangs in 0.9.52
11019   winex11.        4       matlab r14 and r16 (7.0.4 and 7.3.0)
and WriteItNow3.1.0s hang if X in 24bpp mode
5625    wininet         4       Wine does not handle internet proxy
settings conveniently
9787    winsock         50      Warcraft3 Doesn't work
(Needs AcceptEx)
12005   wintab32        1       Regression in pressure sensitivity
with wizardpen tablet driver and Photoshop 7

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