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Tue Apr 22 05:56:35 CDT 2008

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Dan Kegel wrote:
> Anybody seen the nifty countdown logo that Ubuntu is using?
> Maybe we should do something similar for Wine.

> FWIW, here's a snippet that does something similar, but with text:

I don't like this approach for several reasons:

* It doesn't work for browsers without javascript interpreter or for
users who disabled javascript for various reasons
* You ask people to include a script in their pages (well, you didn't,
the Ubuntu people did). Including executable script code that you don't
control is a very bad idea since it is executed in the execution context
of your page (think about stealing session ids that are stored in
cookies or in the URL).
* You rely on the users clock to calculate the number of days left

Instead I propose the use of a small cgi script that calculates the
number of days left and creates a 307 redirect to the appropriate image.
I prepared some images and you can try it out:

<img src=""
     alt="Wine 1.0 countdown" />

The images could use some fine tuning, feedback is always welcome :). I
couldn't find much about "official" wine artwork, I searched the wiki
for "artwork" and "logo" and googling for "wine artwork" didn't yield
any useful information either ;). The images I found were in the
website.git module...

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