Scott Ritchie scott at
Tue Apr 22 16:59:00 CDT 2008

Evgeny Burzak wrote:
> Hello all,
> some times ago I make design for AppDB  ( Folks was  delighted with this one, but managers rejected my idea due to needs redesign everything then. 
> But now it may be more actual then ever owing to Wine 1.0 release? I think it may gain attention from professionals who wants to use wine in production environment and improve Wine.
> I can make design for main pages, xml/xslt template and probably base php5 clasess if you decide to change site engine.

Why do we even have a top 10 gold and top 10 silver list anyway?  Why
not just a top 30 platinum list based on popularity?

Also, it's not made clear how an application gets into the top 10.
Intuitively, a top 10 list for the front page would be a list of the top
10 most popular applications to run with Wine (perhaps judged by AppDB

If it's based on votes, then how are any platinum applications there?
Votes are supposed to indicate "I want more work done on this
application" rather than "I like this application" -- that's why votes
for platinum applications were supposed to disintegrate.  We already
have a separate list for the top voted applications.

Regarding the design itself, the colored boxes remind me more of a
children's party than a useful piece of software.  If you want to add
color to the page, it seems like there are other ways to do it without
calling garish attention to the Wine logo.

That said, winehq and appdb definitely need a new redesign, and I'm very
happy you've offered to help.

Scott Ritchie

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