no test structure in place for wine programs

Darragh Bailey felix at
Wed Apr 23 16:47:03 CDT 2008

I'm been looking at bug 9628 (and duplicate 12222) whenever I get the
time to work on wine these days. I've gone through various tests, enough
to determine that msiexec on Windows must use some custom command line
parsing in order for it to work for the cases listed in those bugs given
that the behaviour is replicated by the standard command line API's in

So I've got to the stage where I believe the correct fix is to put in
some custom handling to make wine's msiexec match the behaviour of
windows version. So far so good. At this point I expect that there
should be some test cases added since this functionality wouldn't appear
frequently enough in most install cases for any future breaks to be
picked up if future changes are made.

So I expect to try and add some test cases, when I notice there is no 
test structure to test any of the exe's built by wine. Bit of a problem

I'm assuming that the original assumption was that the programs just act
as entry points to the dll functionality, so there shouldn't be any need
to add unit tests for the programs. They will either work correctly once
the dll's function, or break really, really noticably.

Next step is the question?

Should I try to take the dll test structure (mainly just the
dlls/ file) and port this into the programs area?

or is that overboard for that area?


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