use lowercase for Microsoft Video 1

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sun Apr 27 07:22:57 CDT 2008

"Jeff Zaroyko" <jeffzaroyko at> wrote:

>  system.ini, drivers32,,"vidc.MRLE=msrle32.dll" 
> -system.ini, drivers32,,"vidc.MSVC=msvidc32.dll" 
> +system.ini, drivers32,,"vidc.msvc=msvidc32.dll" 
>  system.ini, drivers32,,"vidc.CVID=iccvid.dll" 
>  system.ini, drivers32,,"; vidc.IV50=ir50_32.dll" 
>  system.ini, drivers32,,"; vidc.IV31=ir32_32.dll"

MRLE and CVID are also in lower case in XP, so they should be fixed too
(as well as removed trailing spaces in many entries in [SystemIni] section).


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