Dan Kegel : winecfg: Restrict dpi slider to sane values.

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at codeweavers.com
Sun Apr 27 07:43:32 CDT 2008

"Tijl Coosemans" <tijl at ulyssis.org> wrote:

> If users want a graphical way of setting physical display size, then
> that's a job for the desktop environments to provide some tools to
> configure the local X server.

Same applies to many other settings like fonts and colors. Wine uses
the DPI setting only as a way to scale fonts, not as a general size

> The only time Wine should have to worry about DPI is when running
> apps that haven't been designed with high DPI in mind and therefore
> don't scale well (for instance when font sizes are set in points and
> other GUI elements are sized or positioned using pixels). But for those
> apps it might be good enough to provide a simple checkbox that says
> "override DPI to 96" or some other sensible default value. I don't know
> if there actually are such apps.

Such apps would break in Windows as well, Win32 uses logical units for its
GUI elements, not pixels.

Besides, even Windows does go that far as forbidding large DPI values, but
Windows makes it clear what a user will get using a font preview window.


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