Mixed-mode assembly support in Mono

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Mon Apr 28 13:20:26 CDT 2008

Kornel wrote:
> I have recently committed required changes to Mono SVN repository as r102052.
> Now Mono has mixed-mode assembly support on Windows.

Wow, congratulations!   When will a windows installer be available
for a version of mono with your changes included?  It would make
testing much easier.

> These is no full MSVCRT support because that heavily depends
> on the unmanaged API of .NET Framework but programs compiled using
> Microsoft Visual C++ and not using MSVCRT should
> be supported. Even exporting functions in managed DLLs is supported
> that is supported by ildasm.exe and ilasm.exe as well.
> When the process is created using mono.exe there are some
> limitations for executable assemblies but with a custom mscoree.dll
> Mono has full support to create processes from managed executables.
> The attached mscoree.c is the source code for a custom mscoree.dll
> that uses Mono for creating processes from executables.
> I think that you should incorporate this into your mscoree.dll.

We'll have a look, thanks.  Do you happen to know of any
real-world apps that would benefit?
- Dan

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