Bad recommended package lists

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Mon Apr 28 12:53:51 CDT 2008

The Wiki's Recommended Packages list contains a lot of incorrect 
recommendations. I have already cleaned up the Debian section, but there 
seems to be a lot of copy/paste that spread the bad information to the 
RPM distros. So we'd need volunteers for pruning and updating these 
lists for Fedora and RHEL / WBEL.

Here's a list of the suspicious or downright bad package 
recommendations I spotted:

 * audiofile-devel
   This is a library for accessing audio files. Wine does not use it. 
   Maybe it was confused with AudioIO (which is not used on Linux 

 * e2fsprogs-devel
   Why would Wine need ext2fs tools?

 * expat-devel
   We use libxml2, not expat.

 * glib2-devel
   That's not the glibc. That's a Gnome library which Wine never used.

 * isdn4k-utils-devel
   Maybe this is for libcapi20?

 * krb5-devel
   As far as I know we don't use Kerberos in Wine (or it's experimental 
   code that is not enabled in the mainline).

 * libao-devel
   Wine does not use libao. Instead it has backends for most of the 
   audio systems out there, although there's always a new kid on the 
   block that's missing.

 * libmng-devel
   That's for MNG files, the moving version of PNG files. But what we 
   use is libpng, not libmng.

 * libusb-devel
   Wine did use libusb at one point but now it's using libhal.

 * libogg-devel
 * libvorbis-devel
   We don't use those.

 * libxml, libxml-devel
   We use libxml2, not the deprecated libxml1. Now, maybe some 
   distributions use 'libxml-devel' as the package name for libxml2 but 
   this should be clarified, especially since libxml2-devel is 
   mentionned too.

 * qt-devel
   That's QT, the toolkit used by KDE. Wine has never used it.

 * libXxf86dga-devel
   As far as I can tell we don't use libXxf86dga anymore.

 * opencdk-devel, libgpg-error-devel, libgcrypt-devel
   These are all related to GPG. We have nothing to do with GPG so 
   we don't need them.

 * libXft-devel
   Wine uses FreeType and fontconfig but not libXft as far as I know.

 * gnutls-devel
   I believe we used GNU TLS at some point but now we use OpenSSL.

 * cyrus-sasl-devel
   Cyrus SASL also has to do with cryptography but as far as I can tell 
   we never used it.

 * libieee1284-devel
   For parallel port access. Not used as far as I can tell.

 * libXmu-devel
   Contains 'miscellaneous utility convenience functions 
   for X libraries to use'. I don't think Wine uses it.

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