RFC: detecting wine drivers in the audio tests

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Wed Apr 30 07:44:13 CDT 2008

On Wed, 30 Apr 2008, Robert Reif wrote:
> I am suppling a minimal patch to the alsa driver and a single wave test to
> illustrate this concept.  I hope this allows valid tests to remain in spite of
> buggy windows drivers.

I think it should be a more general winetest concept. My idea is that 
some platforms (e.g. Wine) could ask for stricter checks, by using 
strict_wine a bit like they use todo_wine to request looser checks.

So for instance you would do:

   strict_wine ok(expected_cond || buggy(this_is_a_bug), ...);

Then on Windows the test would pass if either expected_cond is true or 
if this_is_a_bug is true. The same would happen for other platforms that 
this test runs on (e.g. ReactOS).

However on Wine the strict_wine clause would cause buggy to always 
return false. So on Wine this test would only succeed if expected_cond 
is true.

In addition to buggy I would propose a deprecated(cond) macro which 
would behave exactly the same but document valid but deprecated Windows 
behavior that we really don't want to reproduce.

Finally it would also be possible to use strict_wine before skip() calls 
to cause the skip() to fail if running on Wine (e.g. skipping due to a 
missing API should not be allowed when Wine is known to implement that 

Now we don't want to pepper these all over the tests (especially 
deprecated() and buggy()) so we'd need a strict policy for when to use 

I have attached a patch that implements an older incarnation of this 
idea (instead of deprecated/buggy there was just ok_strict). I hope to 
update it and submit it some day but in the meantime this can provide a 
starting point.

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