DLL loading prolem when injecting into another process

Rolf Kalbermatter r.kalbermatter at hccnet.nl
Fri Aug 1 17:25:11 CDT 2008

Hongbo Ni wrote:
> Back to DLL injecting, It works since Windows 95. My program 
> has been working for many years, but not on Wine.
> Here is how to inject a DLL into another process:
> .....

Ok I think I understand. You are using a technique I have once read about in
Microsoft System Journal back in about 1994. And this is certainly tricky.

Eventhough I'm anything but an expert in these matters I do think that the
that receives a message for a process and checks if a WH_GETMESSAGE hook is
and in that case maps the according DLL into the process space if that
already happened, should also track down all implicit dependencies of that
and map them into the process space too.

It may currently just do a LoadLibrary equivalent and that will of course
find the B.dll as it is not in any of the standard search locations for the
injected process.

I do not think that the solution is to "correct" LoadLibrary to actually do
search for linked libraries in the parent library's directory too.

However I fear the proper fix might go deep into Wine server and probably is
above most people's head except for Alexandre. What you can do is trying to
get an actual test integrated to the Wine tests that does what you do in
test that you wrote and mark that test as todo_wine. And then hope that
can find a way to implement a fix without to much trouble.

Of course if you can find the way to implement that correctly a second patch
the test has been added as todo_wine would certainly be welcome.

Rolf Kalbermatter

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