problem loading wine test projects windows vista

Hongbo Ni hongbo_ni at
Mon Aug 4 10:18:49 CDT 2008

Reece wrote

>> I really need to compile and run existing tests on window before I can write any test case for wine.
> What is git's core.autocrlf setting configured to? I had this issue
> (some of the detected filenames are '\r' - which is caused by perl
> being confused, which then confuses Visual Studio).

change of core.autocrlf does not fix the problem.

I have found the problem in msvcmaker generated .dsp file.

It only happens when running msvcmaker on windows under MinGW32.
And it only happen to the tests folder with more one c files.

For example in dlls/user32/tests/user32_test.dsp
# Begin Source File

# End Source File
# Begin Source File

SOURCE=.\\              <<--------------- something wrong here, rest of the test files are missing
# End Source File
# Begin Source File

# End Source File
# End Group

I traced the msvcmaker and found the fix in line 138

	if(!$again) {
	    chomp $line;
	    if($lookahead) {
		$lookahead = 0;
-		$_ .= "\n" . $line;
+		$_ .= "  " . $line;
	    } else {
		$_ = $line;
	} else {

If lines ending with \ are joined with '\n', the line (12 lines down)
"if(s/\\$/ /s)"  will fail, so rest of test file are not joined. 

I replaced "\n" with "" in line 138, so rest of code can split files again.
Now it works on Linux and MinGW32. 

Does anyone ever run msvcmaker on windows ?

Hongbo Ni

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