[TRY3]user32/tests: add tests for creating subclassedbuiltin-class windows

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at codeweavers.com
Fri Aug 8 03:38:33 CDT 2008

"Hongbo Ni" <hongbo at njstar.com> wrote:

> Changes since TRY2 - thanks to Dmitry Timoshkov for advice.
> 1. adds extra bulitin classes: ScrollBar,Message,DDEMLEvent & all #327xx;
> 2. make sure created hwnd is valid;
> 3. more tests for unicodeness of built-in-class window before subclassing;
> 4. add more todo_wine for those extra classes without subclassing.
> Tested on Windows Vista SP1, XP SP3.

> +#include "windows.h"

Please avoid windows.h (include everything) inclusion, find an appropriate
set of smaller include files instead, winnls.h in this case.

The test looks good to me. it passes for me under XP SP3 (32 bit), and Vista SP1
x64 (native 64-bit and emulated 32-bit modes), although in order to pass in 64-bit
mode I had to apply the following patch

-#define IS_WNDPROC_HANDLE(x) (((ULONG_PTR)(x) >> 16) == (~((ULONG_PTR)0) >> 16))
+#define IS_WNDPROC_HANDLE(x) (((ULONG_PTR)(x) >> 16) == ((~(ULONG)0) >> 16))

but that's not your fault.


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