[Bug 14810] WinHttp needs to be implemented

Erich Hoover ehoover at mines.edu
Sun Aug 10 21:06:59 CDT 2008

On Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 7:20 PM, Dan Hipschman <dsh at linux.ucla.edu> wrote:

> On Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 06:30:17PM -0600, Erich Hoover wrote:
> > Honestly, I believe that this problem illustrates the need for these kind
> of
> > bugs - if I had found a bug for WinHttp in bugzilla assigned to Zac then
> I
> > could easily contact him.  I do not have time to monitor wine-devel in
> order
> > keep track of what everyone is working on so that I can keep from
> stepping
> > on people's toes.  Wine is not my full time job, and I think it is
> > unreasonable to expect people to keep track of this kind of off-the-tree
> > activity without some sort of database like bugzilla to keep track of who
> is
> > doing what.  As I'm sure other people do, I only have time to do work on
> > Wine when I'm on my vacation.
> I agree with others in that bugs saying such and such DLL need to be
> implemented are redundant.  Wine development is very app-driven in that
> we focus on fixing particular apps instead of willy-nilly deciding to
> work on DLL X today.  It gives priority to bugs which will help the most
> people (depending on the popularity of the app), and makes it easier to
> chart progess (M apps run well is a better metric than N DLLs are
> implemented).
I agree that the title of the bug indicated as such, I was not aware that
being generic like this was against some sort of unwritten policy.  However,
the comment specifically targeted the Red Alert 3 Beta as much as possible,
since it failed immediately after WinHttpOpen.

> There are already some bugs in the tracker for winhttp (eg, 14381).  To
> help out the most, please add bugs for the other apps you've mentioned
> that fail to run (assuming they aren't already in bugzilla, I didn't
> check).  You could also write test cases for winhttp.  This is a good
> way to get people started on implementing it.  To see who is currently
> active in a particular area, you can search the mailing lists, or look
> at the git logs for the files, or check if there's a recent copyright on
> any of them.  Bugs often don't get assigned to anybody.  Wine is
> developed by a lot of otherwise unrelated people, so bugs usually just
> get fixed by whoever happens to be interested in them.
The copyright on the winhttp "main.c" is in 2007 and is just stubs,
otherwise i would have more actively checked the mailing lists.  The other
bugs in bugzilla did not appear to necessarilly be relevant, so I made a new
one.  Since I'm now aware that there's someone already interested in
WinHttp, I plan on doing what I can to help them get things working for RA3
so it will work by the time it comes out.
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