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Dan Kegel dank at
Tue Aug 12 10:26:53 CDT 2008

Michael Karcher <wine at> wrote:
>> Yes.  I already changed the success message to make more sense,
>> and added background colors of green and red for success and failure.
> I dislike the implementation, while I like the idea. You now have:
> a:visited { color: #FF0000; }
> .fail { background color: #ff5050; }
> At least on my laptop display, #ff5050 on #ff0000 is quite hard to read.

Yeah, I know.  I fiddled with the colors for a while, but not very effectively.
I'm partly color-blind, and am not really the best person to
work on the look of the reports page.  If somebody else would like
to get the colors right, I'd gladly accept patches.

Would using black for foreground uniformly be more acceptable?

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